Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Baking Attempt's

From Day One, my first Wilton cake decorating class inspired me to fire up the oven and rescue the dusty kitchen aid mixer from my grandparents’ basement. I was so into it, I found that baking simply to fulfill my weekly class requirements wasn't enough for my growing addiction to confection creation. Like a true addict, I started making baking excuses. For instance, who doesn’t need camouflage cupcakes on Veterans Day?

The following week I searched Pinterest (AKA the best platform for supporting creative genius) and came across this tutorial. 

"Close up" of the best looking one.

Like every good "pinner" with a kick-ass hobby, I dedicated a new board to “Cakes," and spent most of my evenings into the wee hours, pinning all things cake related. I decided to give this polar bear cake tutorial a try. I think he came out cute, but his eyes look a little crappy; seriously, when you mix brown frosting with a round almost always resembles poo (not the adorable bear “Pooh,” but actual poop). I can’t be the only who thinks like this?

After I had learned the pulled-dot method in one of the Wilton classes, I decided to try making a petal ombre cake I saw online. I watched this super helpful video at least 18 times while making my cake. It wasn’t 18 times because I liked it so much—it’s because youtube bakers are the “fastest" bakers on the planet, benefiting from speeding up their videos. I totally could have used one of those fast-forward buttons for myself that day though because my daughter was hanging off my leg the ENTIRE time I decorated this cake. Now, I do most of my baking after the kids go to bed; you bake and you learn ;)

The petal ombre cake was my first totally-from-scratch, not-from-a-box yellow cake. Unfortunately, I wasn't really pleased with how it came out taste wise. My kids had no complaints, but, like most kids, they'd eat dirt, if it was covered in frosting; so, I can’t exactly use them as my official cake testers. And my husband—believe it or not—doesn’t like sweets. I know it’s crazy, but I still love him…more cake for me! 

Where are your favorite places to search for recipes or tutorials? And who do you use to help you “judge” your cake-baking success?


  1. I love all these, even the polar bear cake. Those eyes are not too bad! I am also trying to do a lot more baking this year and am doing something that involves decorating every week. I also have a daughter who makes things difficult at times and i have to let her 'help' in some ways. I'm looking forward to reading about the other things you make.

    1. Thank you. I will definitely be swinging by Searching for Spice to check out your decorating each week!


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