Sunday, January 25, 2015

Holiday Baking

Fresh baked goods just seem to go hand in hand with the holiday season. Even back in my pre-baking days, you could find me in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, slicing off pieces from a ready-made cookie dough log. My, oh my, how things have changed. This past season, I really embraced baking sweet treats to fit the winter theme.

It started with a Wilton's "Dear Santa" cupcake class.

For Christmas Eve, I followed this easy tutorial to make an igloo cake.

Try not to be jealous, but I had two Christmases this year- and one was in Florida! I made this Holly Cake for my mom, step-dad, and little brother. It was my first time making Italian meringue buttercream, I watched this video while I made it. You should really plan your day accordingly while making this frosting because it involves a candy thermometer and takes 5x longer to make than the Wilton's buttercream recipe. I absolutely loved how it came out though—really light and fluffy—so, to me, it was worth the extra time.

I got to spend 10 whole days in the sunshine state, and that included New Year's Eve; so, of course, we needed something especially sweet to eat at midnight! My mom and I made these New Year's Eve cupcakes together…and then ate them at 8 o’clock…but it was surely midnight somewhere.

As you can see, my holiday season was actually more of a baking season. What did you bake during the holidays?

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  1. I know this being my granddaughter that I may be a bit prejudice, but she is so creative and she just a wonderful person too, and a great Mom too.


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