Monday, January 26, 2015

Naked Neapolitan Cake

Cakes are getting naked. That sound's dirty doesn't it? Far from being XXX-rated, these cakes simply forgo the frosting, ganache, and fondant around the sides. Some might say they look unfinished or plain, but I really think it's the perfect example of "less is more."

photo credit: Rosie Parson's Photography

The taste becomes the main focus when there is no fondant to hide behind. What little frosting is there lies between the layers, complementing the cake, instead of overpowering it. And it can still easily transcend a number of different themes and styles. Decorators can let their creativity shine through with the topping and filling colors, as well as the texture of the cake.

I am--and always will be--a huge fan of fancy, over-the-top cakes, but I am falling in love with this popular trend, so I decided to give it a try for a recent party at my in-laws'. I made a chocolate cake with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate buttercream alternating between the layers. I went with a Neapolitan theme because, for as long as I have known them, they have always had Neapolitan ice cream in their freezer...and I would always eat it all. This cake was my way of saying: "Hey, I know you guys have a thing for Neapolitan, try the cake version. Oh, and thanks for all the free ice cream."

Do you think naked cakes have an un-fussy, rustic charm? Or does it just look like they ran out of frosting?


  1. This kind of cake would be just perfect for me. It's got everything I would love. Not overwhelmingly sweet and light at the same time. Perfect!

  2. Your cake looks absolutely delish!! Especially with those chocolate sprinkles on top!!! YUM!!!! And the piping around the edge is absolutely perfect!!!


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