Monday, January 12, 2015

Wilton's Cake Decorating Class Review

This recent obsession with baking tasty treats started when I took the Wilton Course 1 Decorating Basic's in November of 2014. Before this class I had no prior experience in cake decorating. My idea of frosting a cake was grabbing a butter knife and a can of chemicals (AKA ready-made frosting)- and slathering it on some box mix cake while it was still in the pan. I had never held a piping bag and I didn't know any of the cake terminology: couplers, tips, crumb coat, etc. I am constantly searching for a creative outlet, so when I stumbled across cake decorating at my local Michael's Craft Store I fell in love--hard. My grandmother and I signed up together and, although she isn't as "into it" as I am, we both love that we have something to do together-- just the two of this.

The course is four weeks with one class each week:

Week 1: We learned a lot of the basics. The instructor talked about how to bake flat cakes, use couplers, fill a piping bag, and different frosting consistencies. At the very end of class we practiced piping stars and dots on our practice boards that came with our kit. 

Week 2: This is where the fun begins! We had to bring in an un-frosted cake to class. The instructor showed us how to crumb coat and smooth our icing. This took up most of class time because nobody could get their icing as smooth as the instructors cake. I think my class was filled with Perfectionists. The last ten minutes we all rushed to pipe out our designs and do transfers, but nobody was able to finish. I completed my owl when I got home that night and I was so excited with how it came out that I didn't want to stop, so I added borders and wrote "Happy Fall." I felt like I was on a sugar high and I hadn't even taken a bite yet! This was so much fun! I couldn't wait for next week.

Week 3: This class was all about flowers, leaves and using a flower nail. I struggled a bit in this class because the instructor kept using my piping bags and flower nail to demonstrate. By the time he gave them back, the class was moving onto another technique and the instructor was borrowing my piping bags again.When I got home that night, I decorated my brownies while referring to youtube videos for instruction. You can find some pretty helpful videos online…just be careful because “frosting” doesn’t always mean the same thing for everyone! I had no idea there were so many XXX-rated baking euphemisms! 

Week 4: Everybody brought in an already frosted cake to decorate during class showing off all of the techniques that we learned during this course: flowers, writing, and borders. Once again, I surprised myself with my caking skills and patted myself on the back for completing the course and receiving a certificate. (it felt so official!)

I am impatiently waiting to sign up for Course 2: Flowers and Cake design. I call my local Michaels every other week to see when it begins, but it is not scheduled on their class calender yet. In the mean time, I have been making cookies for parties, and cakes for the holidays. A lot of birthdays are coming up and I am excited to make them extra special with my homemade sweets! 

Have you taken any of the Wilton Cake Decorating Courses? Did you like it or LOVE it? Let me know if you have any questions about the class and I will do my best to answer them.

 “Opinions expressed are my own and do not express the views or opinions of Wilton Brands LLC”.


  1. Very interesting information and anecdotal.

  2. I am getting ready to take class 4 of the first course. I loved the first 2 classes, but we struggled with the 3rd class. Another class was being taught in the same room with us. Very distracting. I am going to practice more before we go to the next class on Wednesday. We barely made 1 item and hardly any of the flowers we were supposed to make last week. I need to practice!! We aren't supposed to frost our cake for next week. I thought it would be a huge time saver to have it at least crumb coated. Wish us luck!!


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