Friday, May 29, 2015

Peter Pan Party: Part 2

Never overlook the importance of a birthday cake and candles to make a wish upon! Since this Peter Pan Birthday Party was for my son AND daughter, I wanted to make sure the cake would be special for BOTH of them while staying within the party theme.

I decided to go with a mermaid/treasure map cake. The mermaid tail in the waves symbolized my daughter and the "x marks the spot" was for my son. I crushed nilla wafers in a blender to make the sand for the island. I used fondant for the mermaid tail and "X."

I made the mermaid tails and "X's" about a week before, so they had plenty of time to dry. I made extras just in case I wanted a different mermaid tail color or an "X" broke the day of the party. (Which it did.)

I thought treasure map cookies would compliment the cake well and look great next to each other. (And I was right!) They were also super fun to make; I tried to make a different map on each cookie.

Making A Wish

Peter Pan and Smee

The party was magical!  My kids were over-the-moon excited and happy with how I made their dreams of Neverland come to life. It was an awesome "Mom Moment" for me!


  1. WOW!! What a great peter pan birthday party!! Even I am also thinking to celebrate my 2 year son’s birthday like that at nearby venues Chicago. I am really excited for that and thankful to you for sharing your great ideas here!!

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