Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Princess Cookies and Cupcakes

 My daughter recently turned 3 and my son will soon be 5. I loved putting together their combined birthday party last year, but I really enjoy making their actual birthdays special and full of fun memories. 

When it comes to a few of Addison's favorite things, "princess," "cookies," and "cupcakes" are high on that list. So I decided incorporate all three into some whimsical treats she could enjoy.

These cookies were so much fun to make. I found this
video tutorial  for the snow white cookie and used her instructions as a rough outline to make the other princess dress cookies. 

How clever are these princess cupcakes? To make this enchanted dessert, I googled my favorite Disney princess images and re-sized them before printing. I then laminated and cut them out before hot gluing each image on to a toothpick. Once dry, I stuck them into the frosting. I tried my best to make the frosting color match the color of each princess's dress.

We all had so much fun celebrating Addison's birthday, she definitely got the royal treatment. 


  1. This was very impressive. You really had to have so much patience and a steady hand to make these wonderful treats.

  2. I will try, it Seems yummy and your site all recipes is very delicious. Thanks for sharing all this amazing recipes.


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