Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Superhero Party

Because last year's Peter Pan Party was such a magical success, I was *SUPER* excited to plan this year's theme for my kid's joint birthday party. Thanks to a lot of inspiration and ideas from pinterest, I came up with an amazing DIY superhero party.

When the kid's arrived, they put on capes and masks. I bought packs of men's white T shirts and dyed them blue , yellow, and red. Then, I cut out the the capes and hot glued a velcro fastener around the neck. I made the masks out of felt and elastic. The telephone booth is a washer box painted red.

Everybody created cute little superheroes out of popsicle sticks while we waited for the pizza to arrive.

After lunch, I gathered all the kid's around for web shooting practice. I taped up some pictures of Disney villains for the kid's to take turns spraying with silly string. This was a huge hit!

For decorations, I tried to stick to just 3 colors: blue, red and yellow. I have to give a shout out to my grandfather, who became my personal party planning assistant. He was box cutting out city skylines, cutting strips of tinfoil tape for the windows, blowing up balloons, and hanging streamers. He superhero!

For their birthday cake this year, I wanted to keep it simple and put all my energy into the standing gumpaste figurine toppers. I used this tutorial as a guide to make them. I daringly tried a new vanilla cake and swiss meringue frosting recipe without trying it first and, lucky for me, it was delicious!

This party was action packed and filled with fun! 

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