Friday, October 13, 2017

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

It's October, the month of all things pumpkin! Seriously, all of the things are pumpkin. I'm not just talking about pies, donuts, and lattes. They even have pumpkin flavored Oreo's, Cheerios, and gum. Well, you want to know what's not pumpkin?--this cake!

To make this pumpkin shaped (not flavored!) cake, I used this delicious vanilla bundt cake recipe. Be sure to double the recipe if you have two bundt cake pans. I only have one, so this became an all day event while I waited for one cake to bake and cool, and then make another batch of batter before I could finally reuse the pan.

Once both of your cakes are cooled, you will flip one of them upside down. This will be the bottom half of your pumpkin. Spread some frosting on the top (technically bottom) of your upside down cake--this will act as a glue for the top half of your pumpkin. Place the second bundt cake right side up directly on top of the frosting. You should start to see a pumpkin shape now. Cover with orange frosting and stick a small green log shaped piece of fondant on top for the stem. Ta-da!

Bippity Boppity BOO! -- see what I did there?
Now put a glass slipper next to it, because you think you are so clever and might possibly be a huge Disney freak.

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